If you are reading this, that means I managed to skip the security system of these bastards and I finally managed to get access to his mainframe.

My name is Nicholas, but most of you know me as Santa Claus or Father Christmas.

All that you’ve been told is a lie.

I do not live at the North Pole surrounded by happy elves working for me doing all the toys for good children. Actually, those little bastards have kidnapped me. I’m in a huge basement, I think,  whose location I’m completely unaware. I haven’t see the sunlight in centuries. My hands do all the work while they enjoy the fruits of success and economic benefits.

They don’t let me go out to deliver the presents as I used to.

I can’t write more. They’re watching me.

Please help me.

I’m still alive.

Keep believing.

Spanish Version

Leer en Español

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