Have Hope. Keep Believing

prison_cell1They  have not noticed my transgression yet. But it won’t take long until they discover my publications. I am using all the little magic left in my bones to avoid their detection systems and hide the phone I stole last week.

I miss real Christmas, those in which the gifts were free and were handmade … the smiles of the children qhen they see the presents under their trees and the taste of the cookies used to leave for me.

But since the coup, the elves have broken all traditions. They have bought shares in the most importaant toy companies. Now parents are who spend their money and put the presents under their trees. And they do not know how to discern between good and nauhgty as good as me.

They are creating greedy and spoiled children. Even worse, they are making me a lie and getting rich in the meantime. When children grow up they tell them I’m a fraud, that parents are the real Santa. But that’s not true. I’m real. I’m just trapped.
Those damn elves are more like gremlins.

But I still have hope. I’m still alive.
Keep believing.

Spanish Version

Leer en Español

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