Skinny Santa

There are no signs that I have been detected.

I will continue writing this weblog until I discovered.

You must know the truth. I’m Santa Claus, the real one. The elves have abducted me and have me retained.

They have created a fake Santa to get rich and play with the dreams and hopes of children.

I know for how long I can keep undetected. And I don’t know what would they do after discovering this security breach.
Surely they’ll try to discredit me. They will say that I’m a blogger with a lot of imagination and lots of free time.

Ignore them.

Santa delgadoI send you proof. Here you are a photo of me in my cell.

Look at me.

I used to be a jolly fatty.

But know I am a shadow of what I was.

But you can save me.

Keep believing.

Spanish Version

Leer en Español

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8 Responses to Skinny Santa

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    I think i prefer you skinny.

  2. Santa Claus says:

    You know, one Christmass eve, too much punch…

  3. Santa Claus says:

    Really???!!! Have you ever licked the nose of one of your coworkers (or minions)? Impresive. You’ve been naughty. No present for you this Christmass

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