Where is Santa?

I do not know if we are in the North Pole yet. It’s cold, but this cold is different.

Years ago they started taking me out of my cell, blindfolded . I do not know where I am. We may be at a secret base in the Arizona desert or in the basement of a building anywhere in the world. Maybe they just want to give me a ride and return me at the North Pole facilities to make me think I’m not here … at home.

Maybe they’re playing with my mind to try to make me go crazy. Or they may want to avoid being located in a fixed location in case anyone is looking for me.

Are you looking for me?

ice-corridorThat means that you are getting my messages.

I send you a photo I managed to get while they moved me the last time.

These damned elves are cruel and ruthless. I think in a few months I’ll be moved again. They do it so often. But always at night, always when I’m sleeping.

They will not succeed. They won’t break me.

I am Christmas and they won’t finished it.

Keep believing.

Spanish Version

Leer en Español

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