A way to kill Santa

Santa CorpListen carefully.

I’m scared.

I’m getting thinner and thinner. And it has no sense. They’ve shown me a picture of me. Well, it’s me but it’s not.

I used to be fat and jolly. But look at me now. I’m as skinny as a sheet of paper. You can almost see through my skin and my bones. But the Santa in the Photo was fatty and smiley. He is the Santa you believe in, it’s the Santa they’re making you to believe in. He looks like me, but it’s not me. He does not even look human. He is more like a trademark, a logo, a… product.

I think they have found the way to kill me for real.

Now I need you more than ever.

You may not understand yet, but you will. You have to.

Hanging SantaI’ll tell you everything. I’ll tell you the whole truth.

I can’t write much longer. I’ve got to leave you now.

Next week. Next Week I’ll give some vital information.

But you have to be prepared to believe. Open your mind.

And keep believing.

Spanish Version

Leer en Español

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