Coca Cola is killing Santa

cokesantaIt’s true. They’re trying to kill me, to replace me.

I thought they weren’t be able, but they’re smart. Oh yes, they are damn smart. They have learned so much during the days they worked for me… there… in the shadows, pretending to be jolly, pretending to be my… friends.

Faith, belief.

Those are their weapons. Of course they are. I taught them. That’s all it matters. That’s all they need to get me forgotten.

You see to this picture and you see ME. But I’m not that fat monster. That’s who they want you to believe in.

He’s a fake. He’s just an image, a trade mark, an icon to sell more.

And if you don’t stop thinking things like that you’re gonna miss Christmas… real Christmass.

Santa-OutsourcingAnd if children see me like this, grown up ones think of me as a joke, as a corporate evil greedy company. They think I don’t exist, that I’m an invention of big toy, perfume, clothing, mobile… companies.

But I’m real. And I am needed.

You don’t realize now, but believe me, you need me more than you think.

If you let them make you forget me as I really am you’re gonna lose your future and yourself in the process.

Faith make me what and who I am.

Your Faith draws the lines of my existence. And the lack of it strengthen the bars of my cell.

Believe… just believe in me as you once did before when you were kids and waited awake on Christmass Eve trying to see me, and you’ll be giving me the strength to set me free and fight those evil elves.

Keep believing.

Spanish Version

Leer en Español

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