Why the kids?

Bubble boatWhy do you think I bring presents for the good kids?

It’s because you forget so easily. It’s because their imagination. You, grownups, have forgotten how to use it. And imagination is everything in this life, imagination and the belief that what you imagine someday will come true.

Children are the only people who bother to imagine their future, your future too. They think of a better world and ways to get it, maybe fantasy ways, their own ways, but wonderful ways. And they believe it’s possible.

imaginationYou don’t imagine anymore. You don’t have time for that anymore. You are too worried, too occupied trying to deal with the problems of the present or the memories of the past that you’ve forgotten there is a future.

You are stuck.

And only children believe in the future, therefore they‘re the only ones who make it possible.

Take care of your children and keep believing.

Spanish Version

Leer en Español

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