Who am I?

SinterklaasDo you know who I am?
I’m sure you think you know.
But do you really know?
I was an archbishop in Turkey. I was even Odin for Germans, I was Sinterklaas and Father Christmas, I was the incarnation of Winter Spirit.

I brought presents for poor children and save sailors in tFather Christmashe dangerous sea. I used a big wood trunk to carry the presents and ride a coat.

Odin ClausIn Holland I was a Spanish Bishop who kidnapped naughty children to take them away from their families and take them back to Spain. I was a boogeyman in the Basque Country who ate the flesh and the bones of kids in the winter.

I’ve lived in the woods, in Bari, in Anatolia, in Finland and the North Pole. I used to wear green.

Santa Prisoner
Today, I’m a prisoner.
But you can change that.
Just keep believing.

Spanish Version

Leer en Español

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