Why it’s so hard to believe?

vote_for_santa_clausWhy it’s so hard to believe what I’m saying here?

I’m Santa, the real one, the one who brings presents to nice children, the one who is trapped by his one elves…

Do you think it’s impossible?

It shouldn’t be so unbelievable.

You use Faith more often than you think.

People vote. And what is a vote?

You put your faith in men who betray you again and again, that demonstrate they only work for their own good when they were supposed to work for you.

But you keep believing that they will do better the next time, that maybe, just maybe, one day, one of those men won’t be corrupted, that he will understand your feelings and your needs, that Justice will be served and nice people, like you, will receive their profits and naughty men will be punished.

Well… as I said… It shouldn’t be so hard to believe in me.

Or should it?

Keep believing.

Spanish version

Leer en Español

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2 Responses to Why it’s so hard to believe?

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    Its been a while, Santa. How are those elves treating you? 🙂

    • Santa Claus says:

      Hey, ho, ho, ho. Glad to read you. You know, I’m a prisoner in my own house, so I can’t be as Chatty as I would like to 😉
      I’m trying to think what to talk next week, but it’s getting harder and harder every time.
      But I appreciate your interest.

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