A message


The other day I received a message on my phone.

I was shocked when I read it.

It said:

“Dear Santa:

I don’t know how to read or write.  I’m just praying on my bed. And I hope you’re able to hear me.

My friends in the school said that you’re not real. That parents buy us our presents. That the Santa in the mall on Christmas is not you, that he is Henry’s uncle in disguise.

But I’m sure that’s not true.

It can’t be.

I know my parents would never fool me. They love me and they would never dare to hurt me.

Please show those naughty boys that you’re real and don’t bring them presents these holydays.

I love you.

Good night”.

Summer is coming. But it’s coming just in one half of the planet. It’s always winter in some point. There is always someone believing, dreaming and waiting for me.

The roots of magic are growing again.

Beware, damn elves.

Because, Halloween is coming.

My freedom is coming.

Keep believing.

Spanish Version

Leer en Español

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