Gods among us

DiosesI’m gonna tell you a story.

Once upon a time, GOD created humanity.

But that was after humanity was invented by other gods.

Becuase Odin created humanity before GOD, and RA gave life to the world before him, and nameless gods played over the Earth before them.

And there was a time when gods didn’t exist.

There was a time when humans lived alone in the dark. When they were afraid of everything because everything was strange and dangerous. But the worst of their fears was an unanswered question:


Who created them? Who was their father? Who was gonna guide them? Who was gonna anwers their questions?

And humans did what they always do.

They answered their question by themshelves. They invented the answer for that question and everyone else. They created stories, told fables and theories about everything. They created new worlds and characters to fill the emptyness of their ignorances and to light the darkness and to chase away their fears.

They became gods of their own fantasies without knowing it.

They made us gods with their imagination.

YOU made us what we are.

YOU have that power.


Free me.

And keep believing.

Spanish Version

Leer en Español

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