True Lies

True Lies

Listen carefully, because what I’m about to tell you is one of the best kept secrets in legend’s history.

There is a bar… a special bar… were legends gather to have a drink, talk and rest from the strings that force us to behave like you think we used behave. There is a place where legends can be themselves.

You, normal people, are forbidden to enter the place. You couldn’t find it even if you knew its existence; because those are our domains, ours and nobodies’ else.

That is a bar where you can see werewolves and vampires going out together in harmony, where monsters, nightmares don’t frighten anyone because they are with their kind, myths, gods, ideas and fiction characters go to that tavern.

That place is known “True Lies” and his owner is Loke.

He is one of the firsts.

We owe him that place and we owe him Halloween.

Why is that so important.

Oh, you’ll know soon.

But, until then…

Keep believing.

Spanish Version

Leer en español

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