Why the kids 2

Kids dreamingHave you ever thought why every story that you make up for books, movies or Tv that are about dreams, magic and all that stuff you don’t believe in are also about children?

Well, think about it.

Think about it because you were a child once and you only have to remember.

Do you remember how was it possible that a bunch of pillows and cushions could be seen as a whole and perfect castle? Because you know that children just don’t make it up, they really see it.

How is it possible?

I’ll explain to you. Or should I say I will remind you.

Older people like you use to focus on things. You like to think and rethink and rerethink everything. You put every thought under the microscope. And so you miss the real meaning of things and all their possibilities. You just see cushions and pillows and you know that they are used to feel comfortable and sleep. So it’s impossible to make a castle with them.

Children take a step back. Maybe a few more steps back and then they see the whole picture. And they see, like in pointillism, a perfect picture where if you watch it to close you’d see just a bunch of spots. But children fill the gaps and build what you couldn’t.

You may think that a scientist is a brilliant man with a spectacular intellect. And maybe it’s true, but every scientist, like every artist, is more in contact with their inner child than anyone else, because they experiment with things that don’t exist yet. They search in the same gaps that children fill with their imagination and find ways to made them a reallity.

So, don’t be fools. Take a step back. See the picture again.

And keep believing.

Spanish Versión

Leer en Español

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