Real Halloween’s Origin

halloween-historyThe story that I’m about to tell speaks about the birth of an era. It’s about how an idea can become true; about the arrogance of an old forgotten god who played with Destiny without realizing that it was Destiny who was really playing with him. We must go back in time to many years ago. To the very moment when the first Halloween, or what is now known as such took place.

Times were different, undoubtedly better times

It was a dark period in which electricity was just a dream to achieve; a grain of sand just fallen into an oyster waiting to become a pearl. The firelight created flickering shadows on the walls of the huts. Men, women and children huddled around the flames to feel safe to look askance at the darkness beyond. Strange noises in the forest, sudden branches scratching on the wood, which covered the roof, a scare in the night and many stories to tell and imagine. That’s why I was there; to tell the stories. As always, I had told them.

At a time when the oral tradition was the only way of communication, it made the job much harder. But the effort to tell a story by repeating it and adding more detail each time it was told, added to its credibility in order to create the story of nowhere, like bricks one by one up a house – it had its worth. Then, you had to sweat to make it happen – and that made sense.

It was decided that fall would be the best time. It was getting cold, shadows stretched increasingly, the days were shorter, and the night demanded its presence earlier. Fear grew in the hearts of men as winter approached. It was a time of famine, a time of meditation and protection. Undoubtedly it would be the best time. It would be the night of October 31st. Although the calendar did not exist then, as it is known now, something died; something was born. This is how things should be. It would make it more believable.

A drunken man appeared in the taverns of the new America. Near the fireplace someone bought him a drink in exchange for a story. ‘They say the beasts in the forest are hungry…’ he began the story.

A Norwegian newcomer longshoreman talked about the strange events that took place beyond the sea, which he had heard about in his recent journey while he hoisted the cargo on the next boat to leave at dawn. ‘Something bad happened in those lands and it will be here any day. Who knows? It may arrive by boat.’ He did not know if they would believe it but the seed was planted.

A new priest had arrived to the towns of French-Spanish Pyrenees. ‘The devil is among us,’ he lectured from the pulpit. And the hearts of the faithful cringed at the story. The parishioners gathered at the river to wash, but since then they never waited for the sunset to go back home. Apparently, a neighbour of the region had drowned in mysterious circumstances at nightfall.

A Russian shepherd said that he knew about a whole flock being eaten just five towns away. And another said he had heard that the marks that were found on the remains of the sheep were not from any known animal.

Children around the world listened in secret to their parent’s stories through the wooden planks on the floors. The next day they would repeat them to their friends. They would compete with each other to see who knew the most terrifying story.

Soon, the dead rose from their graves.”

Spanish Version

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  1. Chatty Owl says:

    Something different today.

  2. I know, I know.
    I’m a lazy and naughty boy.

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