The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… about Santa’s murder

A matter os faithWell, it’s time to confess.

My name is Daniel Ortiz Amézaga and I killed Santa.

I wrote a novel: “A Matter of Faith” with my friend Charles Samuel Burtlet.

In that novel we tried to show the beliefs of humantiy in an original way. We talked and talked during long evenings drinking… coffee… about how people used to see Justice as a whore who satisfices those who pay her the most, or how Magic had lost her mysticism and now all was left of her were stupid shows on Tv for stupid people who pay money to other people who pretend to talk to dead people o presume to see the future.

It all started as a funny chat, but after a few… coffees… we began to realize that we could write about it and make it funny and insteresting. So I said: “What if we write a novel together”.

And you now, the toughest part of a novel it’s the beginning, but then Charles said: “Lets kill Santa. If we want to talk about beliefs, lets murder that bloody fat pedophile. I hate that bastard”.

I laughed so loud that people around started to look us as if we’d had too much… coffee… but I raised my hand and shouted: “Yeah, man, lets kill Santa”.

And here we are.

We wrote it, re-wrote it and re-re-wrote it. And when we thought it was ready, we said to ourselves: “Well, now… how we sell it?”

And the best thing we tought was to create a blog where we pretended to be Santa asking for help because the elves had captured him and kept him prissoner making toys. We tought it could be funny.

We thought we could atract people to read every week about Santa’s Adventures, and when Halloween came we would reveal that it was all a marketing strategy.

Well, you would have noticed that we forget about the blog.

Charles it’s travelling as usual and it’s really dificult to get he stays in one place or in one idea, so I had to write something every week… but I got tired and idea-less.

I tried,but I don’t think it got as funny, interesting or succesfull as we thought at the beginning.

But here is the truth: Save Santa is an attempt to sell you this wonderfull, funny and interesting novel that Charles and me have written.

And we need your help (if there is anything reading this).

If you liked Save Santa, if you like these words, if you feel pitty for us or, incrediblely, you think we’re worth the time and effort share this with anyone you know, write to your favourite publisher and tell him you’ve found the most marvellous, intriguing, surrealistic, funny and original history you’ve ever read… and help us to spread the word.

And if you’re interested and want to read about “A Matter of Faith” and discover Who killed Santa and why?…

You may buy the book here:


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