First Sale

Ok Santa

Yes, my dear friends.

We’ve sold our first “A Matter of Faith”.

Santa says “Ok” to that.

And we say thank you, whoever you are.

For the rest of the naughty boys and girls:

Follow the lead and get yours here:

Cover A Matter of FaithClik

Do you have Faith?

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4 Responses to First Sale

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    Why didnt i know this earlier?

    • Because, as I said in a previous post, it all started as a blog to create a flow of people whoe could find interesting this idea or, in other words, as a trap for naive bunnies in order to get sales… oH SH*T, i SHOULDN’T HAVE SAID THAT. 😉
      Now, more serious, my problem was i had no time to develope it as much as it deserved, and being Spanish, it was really difficult to know how to reach people abroad. I have to find a way to get more people in Uk or USA.
      Well, you’ll see my marketing campaing. I’ll try to be funny.

  2. You made me flush. 😉 Thanks a lot

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