Raise your hand if you believe

raised-handsRaise your hand those who believe in anything.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in sock eating monsters, computer gremlins, God, Mahoma, Buda, Communism or Santa Claus. If you believe in anything, raise your hand.

My name is Daniel Ortiz Amézaga and I’ve written a novel with my buddy Charles Samuel Burtlet, “A Matter of Faith”. And Faith is what we thought we should use to get our goal. Faith is all we have and we’re willing to use it.

We’re tired of searching for Publishing Companies or Literary Agencies. People there just spend their days sitting on their desks waiting for a new novel to be placed on a huge pile. And you wait and expect that the person responsible of reading your book may find that unique thing you think you’ve used to create its world.

And you desire that they put their Faith in you.

But that’s not Faith. That’s estimated profit calculation for a company. That’s the way the business works. And we know it.

But, because “A Matter of Faith” is a novel about Faith we think those same companies should take a leap of Faith, stand up from their desks and go to seek good stories like ours.

We won’t send it to them.

We don’t want to go to them.

We want them to come to us.

You think we’re idiots and naïve. I know.

But, isn’t Faith the ability to belief in what it’s impossible, illogical, improbable…


And we raise our hands.

It’s said that Faith moves mountains, but that’s not quite accurate. Faith moves people. And people moves mountains. Occupy Wall Street, Yes We Can, Make Love not War… are just some modern examples of the power of Faith in people. Religions use Faith, Politicians use Faith, Advertisement use Faith.

Why we shouldn’t use it.

We want to become writers, good writers, and do Good Aart, as once Neil Gaiman said.

For us, it’s “A Matter of Faith”.

For you, it’s a matter of one click.

Cover A Matter of FaithThis Clik.

Do you have Faith?

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