Which price should you choose to sell your ebook?

Cover A Matter of FaithI found a very interesting article on the Internet last week (I know I’ve been missing for a while, sorry).

This article talked about the prices for ebooks.

This article starts with a marvellous statement:

“You may choose the price you want. But what really matters is that somebody pays it”.

Don’t fool ourselves. We, the authors, write for living. This means we need to find an equilibrium between what we want to write and we like, and what people want to read and they like, precisely in order that pay for our books let us to do it for a living.

Piracy is a world apart, and I’ll write about it another day, but I’ll just say now that: We, the authors, have to make a effort to create books good enough for people to want to pay for them.

But today we are dealing with the matter of “how much”.

The article I read said that the most sold titles were:

In USA those which cost among 1 and 10 dollars.

In UK, 1 pound and 5 pounds, being those which cost 1 pound the most sold.

This made me think that people won’t pay (I won’t say buy) if what you’re offering is not among those prices. And if we acept that “the costumer is always right”, those are the prices we should chose.

Luzius (my novel in Spanish that I’m translating to English) and A Matter of Faith cost 3 dollars, or its equivalent in pounds. And that’s what explain that I’ve sold so many (but not enough, keep buying 😉 ) even when I’m not famous and almost nobody knows who I am. But the fact that people keep buying them every month has less to do with the price than that people talk good about them. Because people like them. And that is the most important of all.

You may make accesible your prices, but if what people get just for a few pounds, dollars or euros is bad… you’ll never success.

So, Which price should you choose to sell your ebook?

Well it is up to you.

But create good stories before.

And don’t forget:

Cover A Matter of Faith

Got Faith?


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