A Matter of Faith: Prologue

EsqueletoFor those who haven’t read yet “A Matter of Faith”, here you are a sneak peek.

It’s is maybe the most surrealistic beginning I’ve ever written, and it shows you what you can expect from the whole story.

So, if you wish, start reading. Don’t worry, it’s short enough not to bore anyone:



Year 2010 was running. And He was doing it like hell.

It sounds crazy, but have you ever thought about what a year actually is? Usually, you are used to thinking about years at the end of One and at the beginning of Another. So, every year you can see the typical Christmas picture in which a toothless old man with unkempt, straight and cobwebbed hair accumulated over a bald and wrinkled top, poses naked with a white band in which it’s written: 2008, 2009…

At his side, always smiling, is a stupid, chubby baby in diapers holding a similar band with the next consecutive number. December dies and January is born. The circle closes and begins again. But what happens to the Year during the rest of the months?

Well, many things indeed, but how is he represented in the meantime?

The answer is easy… He is not.

So when Halloween came, 2010 had wasted more than three-quarters of his life, had a giant diaper between his legs that had not ever been changed and a ridiculous band that was too large, because 2010 had not exactly been a year of abundance. Crisis had held his hand throughout his life and did not see that she was going to leave before he was over. However, the vision of a grown man running naked through the streets of New Orleans did not seem to upset anyone. If so, then, what would the crowd around think of the many walking skeletons, vampires, witches, Roman soldiers, magicians, and Homer Simpsons that ran, danced, shouted and sang all over the place? It was Halloween. And everyone knows that rules are made ​​for any day except for Halloween, because that day was the day that rules took holidays and went off to do…well…what rules are supposed to do when they are not … regulating.

I cannot be aware of everything. Well… yes I can, but if I do, then they call me gossipy. And nobody wants to be called that.

So 2010 had began his day running like hell in search of a clothing store where he could buy a pair of pants, a shirt, socks and slippers, and if he had enough money, maybe even a jersey. His predecessor, 2009, had left some money in one of the apartments he had inherited from his predecessor before him – 2008. Why any of them left the next year some clothes to put on every Halloween was an inside joke I’ll never understand and has never amused any of the years that I have ever met. Although once 1993 (not a very nice year) told me that they did it to teach a lesson to the next to come, to show them that larger number in the band meant nothing, so they do not brag of being anyone they were not. In my opinion, if Halloween didn’t catch up to them when they were so old, they would be able to rid themselves of this nonsense. One would think that since they all are at such an advanced age, they would stop behaving like kids. But it is better not to get into someone else’s family affairs. Furthermore, 2010 could not waste time with nonsenses; he could enjoy Halloween freedom while it lasted. And if what he had seen was true, he better not waste even a second.

The years have always been able to remember the lives of all their ancestors. And when they are not able to, they can always search the internet, but it is not as reliable as people think. But on some occasions, during the night of Halloween, because of something related to the “cycles”, “historical periods”, “butterfly effect” or, the most common of all, the “Hell-if-I-knows” were able to provide light fragments of the lives of the following Years. They used to take a quick look around to see if it was going to get better or worse. And if they could catch a glimpse of the next Halloween, they smiled to themselves seeing their future selves in diapers in search of clothing.

In the case of 2010, his vision came at the same time when he gripped the doorknob of the nearest clothing store. A flash tore him from his timeline and he suddenly found himself in the middle of a huge nothing. 2010 floated in the darkness where small lights flew around him. It took a few seconds and several flashes to get used to the atmosphere, but finally he managed to recognize others like him. His ancestors were floating away behind him. Something was not right. 2010 could see some irregularities in past lives, like the effect of a stone falling into the waters of history, the impact was spreading ripples in what, until then, had been a quiet pond. Because, in fact, Time is not linear or circular, is liquid. That’s why it cannot be held.

Small waves had raised 2010 from his timeline and had been placed temporarily above his age. He cried when a sensation of vertigo aroused in his stomach. He wanted to hold on to somewhere, but was at the mercy of the tide. He dared to open his eyes and looked at the horizon hoping to see the humiliation of his future successor, but what he saw made him cover his face. The temporal wave had grown too large. Never before a Year had watched from so high and had seen so much. He looked at his ancestors and they stared back at him furiously.

“Move aside, moron, you do not let us see!” 1993 shouted waving his hand.

I already told you he was not a nice Year.

2010 snapped back to reality as smooth as a tsunami hits the coast. His hand slipped the knob of the clothing store but he could do nothing about it. It took a few seconds to think about what he saw. A shiver ran down his back. If what he had seen was true, 2011 would be the last of the breed. The end.

For a moment he meant to buy a shirt and pants to leave them in one of the inherited houses for the poor devil. But finally he did not.

“Why not!” He thought. “I got nothing, so…”

So he walked to the first bar he saw meanwhile lifting up his diaper. In the end, when you have two months left and the end of the world is just around the corner, drinking did not seem a bad idea, even in underwear.


If you liked it and want to read more.

You know:



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