A Matter of Faith: Chapter 1-4


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s friday, and that means that it’s time for another piece of the first chapter of A Matter of Faith.

El trozo de hoy es importante porque además de presentar a otro de los personajes principales de la gran trama muestra una dinámica esencial que se repetirá cada vez que aparezca este personaje, que sólo se puede comunicar a través de las letras de sus libros.

This piece is important beacause it introduces a new principal character and, besides, it stablishes a dinamic with this character that will be repeated every time  this character appears, because he is able to comunicate with others only through the pages of his book.

Enjoy it.

Are you ready? Of course you are:

David Radcliffe was well sheltered from the cold in his bed. November nights were cold and wet in Aberdeen. His mother had turned off the lights an hour ago, but he had dived under the sheets with a flashlight. He had changed the old batteries with new ones that lasted for as much as possible. With his feet up he made room on the inside of the bed. He opened the last book in the series of Warrick, the teenage wizard. He had the whole collection and had to wait more than four hours in line to get the latter in the mall bookstore. He would not wait another night to read it. Tomorrow he’d probably be so sleepy that he’ll fall asleep in class and would get in trouble. But it was worth it.

“Warrick had his wand in his hand. He had heard a shocking noise coming from the backyard. He was forbidden to use magic in his uncle’s house. But his eternal enemy, Volemort could be lurking anywhere.”

The book could not have started better. David’s hands were shaking when he held the pages. His breathing quickened when he absorbed the words on each page.

“I’m not scared of you!” young wizard cried to the wind. “I have my wand and the protection of the Ancient Order of Wizards of London. Come out and face me if you dare!”

David pulled out a hand from under the sheets and felt the ground. After a couple of attempts he touched a piece of wood he knew he had thrown under the bed. And, a second later, his right hand held a replica of Warrick’s wand.

David was ready for action.

“Is that you Master?” shadows whispered. “It’s me… Robins.”

The young wizard relaxed his arm and pointed his wand toward the ground. However, Warrick was still tense.

“Oh, Robins, glad to see you! I was expecting your news,” young Warrick answered while he scrutinized the darkness beyond the window.”

“Who is that Robins? He wasn’t in earlier books!” David closed his mouth and turned off the flashlight. Timidly he lifted the sheet and waited a moment to see if his mother had noticed that he was not sleeping. After a while he relit the lantern and opened the book again.

“The afternoon light streamed through the large window of the office. Warrick was sitting comfortably in his chair as he bent to snort another line of cocaine…”

“What?” David exclaimed looking at the back cover of the book to make sure he was reading the right one. And to his surprise, he was. So he continued, although there was no logic whatsoever.

“Two beautiful naked women entered. They approached the desk. Lindsay, a slender redhead knelt under the table and unbuttoned her pants. Beth, dark hair and sharp shapes, bent over the glass and sniffed another line while Warrick gently caressed her.”

Radcliffe was in shock when was reading it.

“I’m sorry master” Robins excused at the same time he glanced the whores. “I think we won’t be ready in a year.”

The young magician pushed Lindsay away. And Beth backed away while Warrick reddened with anger.

“I don’t want excuses,” he said. “Our plans are too important to …”

“Excuse me sir…” Robins interrupted him. Before he could say a word the boy wizard drew a pistol from a drawer of the desk and shot the man in the face. His body plummeted to the ground. The two prostitutes turned away quickly from the young man and embraced each other.

Two seconds after the shot he heard the office door opened with such force that the air was removed from the office violently throwing papers from the table. A man dressed in an immaculate black suit appeared at the door. His eyes, blue as the sky itself, absorbed what was happening and the grimace of concern changed to exasperation.

“Oh, Sam.” Warrick greeted him while holding the gun. “Since you’re here, would you mind cleaning up this mess? And take care of Robin’s tasks.

Sam nodded. His red hair flying like a flame in the air, but there was no breeze whatsoever. Although his movements showed submission, the blue of his eyes turned gray… threatening storm.

“And you, ladies,” Warrick continued. “I think you had something in hand.”

David turned the page quickly. That was not the adventure magic and fantasy he expected. He did not understand anything at all but it was definitely much better than everything he had read so far.

“The day he had to return to the school of magic had arrived. Warrick had waited so long as Troll Gift Day…”

Young David reread the top and tried to make sense. He turned a page backward to make sure he had not missed any. Searched the words that described what happened in the strange office, but there was nothing like that. The young wizard had found a small troll. That was what had frightened him in the garden. David turned another page back to find prostitutes, Robins, the gun, but found nothing. He read everything from the beginning three times, but the words had changed. The story did not have offices, only the adventures of the boy wizard and his friends.

He was sure he had not dreamed it. Nor he had imagined it. For a moment he thought he should tell his mother, but then realized that if he would she’d discover that he had disobeyed, so he let it go and kept the secret for himself. He took a last look, but everything was… normal.

He turned off the flashlight and obeyed his mother.


If you liked it, you know what to do next:



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