A Matter of Faith: Chapter 1-10

Miss Iro


It is time for another piece of A matter of faith.

Today you’ll read a very small piece, but intense.

Think of it as a tv spot.

I dare you to read it:

Miss Iro stared, hypnotized by the pendulum clock hanging on the wall of her playroom. Curious that calls it that, because she rarely played in that room. It seemed more like a doll’s house where she had everything she needed to, but nobody ever played there, because the girl who owned it never had the opportunity. The ticking sound of the clock never stopped, although it seemed that time had not any effect in that room and it had stagnated in the early fifties. But its occupant had been accustomed to that kind of paradox.

She didn’t get used to worry. His life had been terribly easy until recently. Des’ visit was… What was the best way to describe it? Predestined. Yes, that was. It was predestined.

Everything was about to happen.

She knew that. She was aware of all the implications and dangers that awaited Faith. She could have refused. She could have made things easier. She could have prevented all the pain, anguish and a long way to go that Faith was going to suffer. And she wanted to. But things were not so simple. Never were. The world of Miss Iro was a riddle wrapped in mystery, intrigue and hidden coated in an enigma. There were rules that she could not break. And, far from refusing, she said yes.

Now she could only wait.

She waited the tic after the following toc.

Because it was all she could do.

And that was making her nervous.



If you liked it, you know what to do next:



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